Published On 10/25/2014 11:59 AM

You have a job interview that you have wanted all your life and you are prepared with all your documents and notes. But, if you haven’t yet figured out how to dress appropriately, you may be jeopardizing the job interview. If you are standing in front of your wardrobe full of shirts (solids, checks and stripes), ties (patterned, solid and striped) and suits (bold and light) but are clueless about how to mix and match, you need not worry, here are some tips that can make you go from fashion fiasco to fashion ninja in a matter of minutes.

Where to Start?
Wondering where to start? Wondering whether to match the tie with the shirt or the other way round, whether to choose the shirt first and then match the rest or whether it is the suit that needs to be selected first?

Suit Up: Well, here’s the perfect order of getting it done. First choose the suit that you want to wear.  The best colors are definitely the darker and subdued shades of navy blue, black and dark gray. These are the classics that have withstood the test of time. Be it formal or informal, they can save your back any day. Try not to wear fierce and aggressive colors that will end up taking away all the attention from you to your suit and hence would be inappropriate for formal events. Choosing the suit as the first step is important because it gives the attire a strong base.

Then choose the dress shirt that will complete the attire that you desire. There are, one can assert, three types of combinations that can be created with three different types of shirts.

The solid dress shirt: Solids shirts work best for formal occasions. Wear it with a diagonally striped tie that has some color detail matching with the shirt’s and complete it with a monochrome navy blue suit. If you are daring enough, try a patterned (preferably, split striped) business suit that will make the interview a cake walk for you. Try our UNDER THE SUIT COLLECTION to access the best of solid shirts offered by KAAPUS

The Patterned Shirt :( The exquisite check dress shirt): If you don’t think you can pull two patterns and a solid, you can always go two solids and a pattern to be on the safer side. Choose a patterned shirt (The Heritage Blue Dobby Check Shirt, The White Jaguar Blue Checked Shirt, Pink and Blue Starks Gingham Check Shirt) from our vast collections to match with a solid (bold) color tie. Pair it up with solid black/ dark blue suit to make a strong statement.

The striped Glory: Striped shirts work best with suits when you are planning to pull the most difficult three patterns attire. Three different kinds of patterns have a tendency to make the attire look a bit messy and will take away all the attention from your face which makes it a big no-no for formal meetings. The only way to do this right is to pair two similar patterns with one different pattern; try our striped shirts (The Blue Harmony Striped Shirt, The Skyblue Highway Striped Shirt) with diagonal striped ties and patterned (preferably checks) suit to give it an elegant yet classy look.

Always remember that the way you present yourself in formal, semi-formal and casual occasions, leaves quite a huge mark on the people you meet. Not everyone can pull what Will Smith did in The Pursuit of Happiness. To get a job after appearing for your interview in just a tank top, you need to be, well, Will Smith, and nobody less than that. For the lesser mortals out there, always suit up in your best shirt and a suit that complements it!


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